300 hour yoga teacher training

5 Secrets to Find the Best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Congrats on completing the 200-hour yoga teacher training! Want to take this learning to the next level and dive deeper into the spiritual art of yoga? Start looking for certified 300-hour yoga teacher training. It is an in-depth yoga teacher training that offers you detailed knowledge of yoga.

Do you know what this intermediate-level yoga teacher training offers? Keep reading.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – A Brief Introduction

The 300-hour yoga teacher training offers you lessons in traditional and modern yoga. It is the second level of yoga teacher training. This improves your skills as a yoga practitioner and teacher.

Want to know what this intermediate yoga teacher training offers? Yoga experts have the answer.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

  • Lessons on asanas and body adjustment during yoga class
  • Tips to adjust own and other’s bodies during yoga practice
  • Classes on Anatomy and Physiology of yoga
  • Lessons on internal systems within the human body
  • Classes on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga
  • Classes on Ashtanga yoga practice method
  • Lessons on Hatha yoga
  • Classes on benefits and contradictions of various asanas
  • Lessons on Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra
  • Classes on Kundalini yoga
  • Lessons on Mantra yoga
  • Classes on mantra chanting in yoga
  • Lessons on different types of Meditation
  • Classes on preparing for Meditation
  • Importance of demonstration
  • Preparing the yoga classroom
  • Lessons on yoga history and evolution
  • Classes on the concept of seven chakras

That is not all! You get a lot more when you enroll in a certified 300-hour yoga teacher training program.

Confused about how to find the best yoga teacher training? Yoga gurus have come up with a few secrets to help you find one.

Secrets to Find a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Choosing the best yoga teacher training is confusing when there are so many yoga schools.

But, yoga experts have come up with 6 secrets to help you find a 300hour yoga teacher training.

1. Know the Yoga Style Taught

Sage Patanjali has been crucial in spreading complete information about yoga. From Yoga Sutras this ancient art has spread throughout the world. With time, this ancient art gave birth to many other styles. These include Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Kundalini among others.

Want to enroll in the 300-hour yoga teacher training? Choose a yoga school that provides lessons in yoga style you are comfortable with. Remember, to love teaching yoga first you have to be in love with what you learn.

2. Duration & Time of the Class

The best time to practice yoga is during the early morning. But, depending upon personal preference everyone has different timings. The majority of yoga schools offer classes during the early morning or evening.

So, before you sign up for a yoga teacher training check if the yoga school offers lessons at a time suitable for you. You have to focus mentally and physically during a yoga class. Yoga experts recommend that you have at least 2-3 hours of free time to prepare for the class.

3. Check the Yoga Instructor’s Qualification & Experience

Have you chosen a specific yoga school for the 300-hour yoga teacher training? Now, it is time to do a little research on the yoga teachers. Remember, every yoga style requires a specific qualification and certification criteria.

You should find out about the certifications and accolades of the yoga instructor. Doing this ensures they are eligible to teach yoga to others. 

Also, find out about the history of the yoga school and the experience of the yoga instructors. This ensures you choose the best place for the 300-hour yoga teacher training.

4. Check Student’s Reviews

An easy way for you to get an idea about a yoga school is to check the student’s reviews. The majority of yoga schools have social media and business profiles on the internet. Here you can check the ratings of their yoga teacher training.

You can also find reviews on the yoga school’s website. Always choose a yoga school that has positive reviews from previous students.

5. Take a Demo Class

If a particular yoga teacher catches your attention ask for a demo class. This helps you find out if their style of teaching resonates with what you have in mind. Pay attention during the demo class to find out if the yoga teacher is exactly as you heard about.

At the same time, the demo class also gives you an idea of the class atmosphere and whether you are okay with it. It comes in handy when you are looking for yoga teacher training.


Do you want to move to the next level of yoga learning? Refer to this guide to find the best 300-hour yoga teacher training school without any hassle.