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The Yoga Lover’s Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in India

Been practicing yoga for some years and want to advance further? Do you dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher and sharing this spiritual art with others? It is time you start looking for a recognized yoga teacher training in India. The yoga teacher training, known shortly as YTT offers you in-depth knowledge of yoga.

By in-depth, yoga experts refer to the mental and spiritual sides of yoga, the most underestimated aspects of the yogic lifestyle in the West. However, before you sign up, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

5 Things to Know Before Yoga Teacher Training in India

With time, yoga has gained a massive following in the West. As a result, thousands of yoga schools have opened up in different corners of the world.

Therefore, if you want to embark on this spiritual journey then given below are some things you should keep in mind before enrolling in the YTT.

Let Go of Expectations

As stated above, the yoga teacher training offers you in-depth knowledge of yoga including its mental and spiritual aspects. This means no matter how many asanas and Pranayama you have mastered, there will always be something new to learn during the YTT. Yoga experts recommend that you let go of all expectations regarding the yoga teacher training and give it your best.

Set an Intention

If you are a beginner at yoga, then you must set an intention during the start of the YTT. In short, have a reason behind why you want to learn yoga or why you want to teach it to others. Setting an intention helps you face challenges and hardships that come during the yoga teacher training.

Do it for YOU

The most important thing you should remember before entering into the yoga teacher training in India is to do it for yourself. Yoga is a holistic approach to good health and well-being and not a competitive sport. This means whether you plan to teach after completing the YTT or not, the decision should be yours alone.

Study Well

With so many yoga schools promising the best YTT, there has been an influx of yoga teachers who do not possess in-depth knowledge of yoga. For you to become a complete yoga teacher it is necessary to study all you can about this sacred art. This gives you an edge when it comes to being hired as a certified yoga teacher.

Look After Yourself

The yoga teacher training is a combination of physical practice and theoretical lessons on yoga. To help you learn and practice this spiritual art, yoga experts recommend that when you sit in a particular asana or meditation, be mindful and listen to your body.

If you happen to injure yourself during the YTT, do ample research and learn everything about the reason so you can help others prevent the same mistake.

Keeping these pointers in mind will help you make the most of yoga teacher training.

Confused about how to find the best YTT? Don’t worry! To make it easier for you to choose the right yoga teacher training, yoga experts have come up with a few simple tips.

Tips to Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training

If you are looking for a certified YTT program but are confused about where to start, yoga experts will help you.

Given below are 4 simple tips to keep in mind when looking for yoga teacher training.

The Location

These days destination yoga teacher training has gained quite a popularity as it offers you the chance to travel and learn something new. Yoga experts recommend that you look for destinations that offer natural beauty and rich culture for you to experience.

If you are serious about the YTT, visit India as it has a rich history and landscape. The best part about choosing India is that you can enroll in the best YTT and still have enough to travel to another place.

Style of Yoga

With time, yoga has evolved into numerous styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini among others. Yoga experts recommend that you try out different yoga styles to get a jist of which one seems easier to learn and teach for you. Later, you should look for a yoga school that provides lessons in that particular style of yoga.

Experienced Teachers

With so many yoga schools there are some which are there only to rip you off the hard-earned money. To help you choose the right yoga teacher training in India, yoga experts recommend that you consider the experience of the yoga teachers.

Moreover, you should visit the yoga school’s website and social media page to find out about the certification of the lead teacher. Make sure the lead teacher carries the Registered Yoga Teacher certification.

The Class Size

Yoga teacher training attracts millions of yoga practitioners from all over the world. It is a reason why you might find some yoga schools crowded. If you want the best YTT experience, make sure you ask about the class size of the YTT program. It will help the teacher focus on every yoga practitioner.


This guide to yoga teacher training in India will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best YTT program to fulfill your dream.

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