Upper Back Pain? Give These Yoga for Upper Back Poses a Try

Upper Back Pain? Give These Yoga for Upper Back Poses a Try

Do you experience discomfort in the area between your shoulders? Although you might experience a mild pain but it does increase with activity. But you can keep this problem away by making yoga for upper back pain a part of your daily routine.

Without further ado, let us understand what upper back pain is.

Upper Back Pain – An Overview

Upper back pain is the discomfort you experience in the area between your shoulders. Upper back pain is less common than lower back pain. The reason? Bones in your upper and lower back connect to the ribcage. These are not as mobile as those in your neck or lower back. You can keep this problem away by practicing yoga for upper back daily.

Do you know that upper back pain falls into two categories? The information below will give you the answer.

Types of Upper Back Pain

Given below are the 2 categories in which upper back pain falls into:

1. Joint Dysfunction

Do you experience pain due to joint dysfunction? It is likely to occur due to a sudden injury or degeneration that comes with old age. For example, a joint cartilage or capsule can tear. If you have a weak vertebrae it can be result of a degenerative spinal disc problem.

2. Muscular Irritation

Muscular irritation occurs as the result of overuse of upper back muscles or lack of strength. The large upper back muscles attached to the shoulder blade and back of rib cage are prone to strains. Having a poor body posture only adds more problem to the ongoing pain.

But, a poor body posture is only part of the problem. There are more reasons why you might suffer from upper back pain. Come! Let us find out what these are.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

An upper back pain becomes severe due to joint dysfunction or muscular irritation. But, there are a few more reasons why it happens so.

1. Improper Lifting Technique

Lifting heavy objects without proper spinal alignment puts undue stress on upper back. Keeping heavy objects above your head towards the left or right side comes at a cost. These make your shoulders and upper back vulnerable to a serious injury. You can practice yoga for upper back to learn the proper technique of lifting.

2. Accidents/Collision

Trauma incurred in a car accident, falls from height, or sports injury causes upper back pain. These injure your spinal bones, discs, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues.

3. Overuse

Putting your upper back through more work than it can handle leads to muscle strain. Overusing upper back muscles leads to ligament sprains and inflammation of upper back. There are many yoga for upper back asanas you can do to maintain a healthy and functional upper back.

4. Poor Body Posture

Sitting at one place for longer hours leads to structural changes in your back and neck. It damages the muscles and affects spinal alignment. Sitting hunched puts undue pressure on the spine bones, discs, muscles, and ligaments. Leaning to one side more than the other also causes an imbalance in your upper back.

It is time we take a look at which yoga asanas can help you keep upper back pain away for good.

Top 3 Yoga for Upper Back Pain Asanas

Given below are three yoga asanas that can help you deal with upper back pain.

1. Puppy Pose

If you want to stretch the trapezius muscles, do the Puppy pose. This yoga pose also stretches your shoulders and open the chest.

Steps to Practice

  • Get into the tabletop position on the yoga mat.
  • Place your hands directly under your shoulders.
  • Keep your knees directly under your hips.
  • Walk both hands in front of you. Lower your chest to the ground.
  • Hold this pose for 2 minutes. Slowly extend the time to 5 minutes.

Note: If you experience pain between your shoulders then keep a small pillow or blanket under your head.

2. Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose is an excellent yoga for upper back asana. It lengthens and stretches your chest and back muscles. This is an excellent yoga asana to warm up your body for advanced yoga postures.

Steps to Practice

  • Come onto all fours on the yoga mat.
  • Keep your hands directly under your wrists.
  • Place your knees directly under your hips.
  • Inhale. Move into the cow pose.
  • Drop your stomach towards the floor. Move your tailbone towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your gaze upwards.
  • Exhale. Come into the cat pose.
  • Bring your stomach up towards the spine. Round your back and look towards your navel.
  • Repeat the Cat-Cow pose five times.
  • Maintain a natural breath during this pose.

3. Cobra Pose

Cobr pose is an excellent upper body backbend. This helps open your chest and extend the shoulders.

Steps to Practice

  • Lie down flat on the yoga mat. Keep your face down.
  • Keep both hands on either side of the body. Keep them at shoulder level.
  • Inhale. Press down on your hands.
  • Lift your chest slowly off the mat.
  • Straighten your arms. Press your shoulder blades together.
  • Drop your shoulders. Open your chest.


Do you want to keep the upper back strong and free of injuries? Join a Certified yoga school to learn these yoga for upper back asanas from experienced yoga teachers.