RYT Certification

Yoga Beginner’s Guide to RYT Certification

Yoga is the new way to good health and well-being these days. Do a Google search and you will come across thousands of yogis and yoga masters practicing challenging yoga asanas with ease. At times, you ask yourself – Will I be able to do these yoga asanas? The answer is a resounding YES! You can do that by looking for a certified RYT certification to learn them under the guidance of renowned yoga teachers.

However, before you sign up to become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), there are a few things to keep in mind.

3 Things to Accomplish to Make the Most of RYT Certification

To make it easier for you to transition from a yoga practitioner to a certified yoga teacher, yoga experts have come up with a few simple tasks you should do before enrolling in the YTT.

1. Take a Break

Yes! This sounds counterintuitive to what you want to do, but hear us out! Enrolling in an RYT program and completing it are two different things. Yoga might be gentle but it is a mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding journey. Therefore, you must rest properly before teaching yoga to others in the future. Remember, to become an RYTis a lifelong commitment and not just a fad.

2. Set an Intention

Planning to enroll in certified yoga teacher training makes it clear you want a career in yoga. But, you do need to have a clear goal before you sign in on the YTT enrollment form. Yoga experts recommend that you have a clear intention before going into this demanding yoga program.

3. Read

You read that one right. Becoming a certified yoga teacher is not just about teaching yoga asanas and Pranayama. You have to be efficient in the mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art. Yoga experts recommend that you start reading yoga literature like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. These provide you a clear idea about the depth of understanding regarding the human body and mind which you must possess as an RYT.

Once you take care of the 3 tasks mentioned above, it is time to look for the best RYT certification. But, how would you do that? Yoga experts have the answer.

4 Secrets to Finding the Best RYT Certification

Yoga experts have come up with four secrets that can help you find the right yoga teacher certification program.

1. Yoga Alliance Certification

Although, becoming a Yoga Alliance member is a much-debated topic, yet, for you to work as a certified yoga instructor the Yoga Alliance certification is a must. Yoga Alliance certification is a globally recognized mark that ensures the employer that you possess complete knowledge of yoga. Moreover, if you plan to work as an independent RYT this comes in handy.

2. Yoga School’s Teaching Methodology

Yoga experts recommend that you do a search about the chosen yoga school on the Yoga Alliance website. Here you will come to know what the previous graduates have to say about their YTT program. Also, make sure you ask about their yoga teaching methodology to ensure it matches what you have in mind.

3. The Lead Teacher

Before you finalize any RYT certification make sure to ask about the lead yoga teacher. You should ask about their previous accomplishments as a yoga teacher, their teaching methodology, and where they completed the YTT from. It gives you a clear idea of the yoga teacher training is worth your time or not.

4. The Cost

Yes! With so many yoga schools around the world, there is no shortage of options. Therefore, you will come across numerous YTT programs offered at different rates by various yoga schools. Consider your budget prior to selecting any yoga teacher training. No one wants to become a yoga teacher at the cost of going bankrupt.

Now, you might wonder – What Should I Do After Completing the Training?

Tips to Maximize the RYT Certification

To help you make the most of the RYT certification, yoga experts have a few simple tips.

1. Organize

By organization, yoga experts want you to take care of all the paperwork. Whether it is yoga literature, your personal notes from the YTT, or handouts; keep it all in a specific order. Make sure to have digital copies of all necessary documents including insurance and registration certificate, and release forms.

2. Register

Although this is a matter of personal choice, Yoga Alliance certification does mean a lot. Registering with Yoga Alliance opens up doors of employment for you without much hassle. Moreover, it also helps you make a name in the global yoga community. It is a win-win situation with regard to the RYT certification.

3. Get Insured

Whether you plan to teach independently or in a studio, you have to carry insurance. There are many insurance companies that offer specialized plans for yoga teachers. Make sure you carry one to keep legal troubles away.


Do you want to dive into the amazing world of yoga? Want to become a certified yoga teacher? Enroll in an RYT certification to learn and practice yoga under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.