Yoga Teacher Certification: Different Courses & Benefits

To become a master at anything, you need to learn about it from the master. When it comes to yoga practice, mastery could take years. However, you should take the first step right with the yoga teacher certification. From a beginner’s point of view, it could be the best decision. However, if you are an experienced person, you are going to learn a lot more about yoga.

Our experts prepared a brief guide to direct yoga practitioners toward yoga teacher certification. So, we have covered what yoga teacher certification is. Later, you should go through the following points explaining different types of certifications. By the end, you will know what are the benefits of joining a yoga teacher certification. Keep reading.

Yoga Teacher Certification: Introduction

As depicted from the name itself, a yoga teacher certification is a yoga course that helps you learn about different elements of yoga. Rather than just practicing physical asanas, you get the opportunity to acquaint yourself with different elements of yoga.

Every yoga practitioner, whether beginner or experienced, steps into the world of yoga. On the completion of the course, you become eligible to apply for the registered yoga teacher certification.

Earning a certification ensures you teach yoga wherever you wish to. Hence, all the world will be a playground for you when it comes to yoga practice.

Different Yoga Teacher Certification Courses

Let’s explore the different types of yoga teacher certification courses that you go with.

200 RYT

When you just get started with yoga practice, the basic yoga course will be your perfect choice. That is where 200 RYT comes to your rescue. It helps you get familiar with various dimensions of yoga that you must learn about. You are going to spend 200 hours in a yoga course after which you earn the certification.

300 RYT

For experienced yoga practitioners, 300 RYT is the perfect option. This is an intermediate yoga teacher training course that prepares you to become a registered yoga teacher. It takes your yoga journey one step ahead by deepening your practice.

500 RYT

Not reaching the peak of your journey could be a little daunting and heartbreaking. Keeping that in mind, 500 RYT comes into action. This advanced yoga teacher training course is perfect for people having 200 or 300 RYT certifications. Therefore, this will help you become a yoga master in no time.

Why You Must Join a Yoga Teacher Certification?

Earn Certification

Yoga teacher certification is registered with an organization. That means when you finish the course, you earn a certification. However, in the world of yoga, the significance of Yoga Alliance is unmatched. That is why you must always go with the Yoga Alliance certificate only.

Learn From Masters

Another important reason to join the certification course is that you get to learn from yoga masters. No matter what your goal is, you always train under the guidance of highly trained and certified faculty. You further get the opportunity to get all your doubts cleared from a genuine source of information.

Choose Best Yoga Form

Only a few yoga practitioners are aware of the availability of different forms of yoga. Otherwise, many just wander when they start practicing yoga. That means you must join a yoga teacher certification course to enhance your overall knowledge. Once you become aware, choosing a yoga form that suits your goal becomes easier.

Yoga Material Availability

One of the easiest ways to make your yoga practice easier is by using yoga props. It includes yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, weights, supports, and blankets. All these things come in handy when you struggle with a particular yoga pose. Moreover, it also includes books, manuscripts, or ancient yoga scrolls to deepen your yoga knowledge.

In a Nutshell

When you first start practicing yoga, your first goal should be to learn endlessly. That is why you should always look out for ways to enhance your overall growth. A yoga teacher certificate is one of the ways that ensure you grow without any hassle.

The only thing that you must be aware of is the body that is issuing the yoga certification. Never go with any other yoga certification except the Yoga Alliance. When you keep all this in mind, you are going to get outstanding results in no time.